Integrated Information Management System

Product Description

The Clair-I software addresses the need of managing the large amount of information organizations are faced with .

  • Huge volume of documents makes it difficult to store at central location.
  • Very difficult to locate information or documents in time.
  • Delayed or no information makes it difficult to make informative decision on time.
  • Not easy to secure and store all documents.
  • Digital information scattered across various systems need to be managed properly to generate value .
  • It’s important to protect business by securing data and information from unauthorized users.
  • Auditing becomes difficult without proper tools and right information.
  • Scattered information makes it difficult to make informative decision on time.
  • Documents/Information not reviewed properly leads to wrong business decisions and capital loss.
  • Physical movement of documents for approval/review takes time and hence delayed decisions. Emails/mails lead to scattered information.

The Clair I software addresses the above need by providing a secure, robust, scalable platform for managing, storing and sharing information leveraging Big Data .

Customer Benefits
  • Centralized System.
  • Information Security and safety.
  • configurable workflow.
  • Improved Review Process.
  • Audit Facilitation.
  • Improved Internal Communication.
  • Protection of Intellectual Capital.
  • Discussion Board.
  • Vendors/Partners Integration.
  • Integration with other systems .

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