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Asset Trackr - Smart Asset Management

Asset Trackr™ - Smart Asset Management

Asset Trackr™ asset management system optimizes the management of all categories of Industrial assets, Motorized/Non Motorized Assets, Offices Assets and Personnel. The totally integrated solution combines a powerful asset registry with robust maintenance management, asset tracking and asset status controls to reduce costs, improve utilization and maximize the lifetime value of every asset.

Asset Trackr™ Detailed Capabilities

  • Web Portal
  • Mobile App
  • Queues & Workflows
  • Asset Master Creation Module
  • User Management and Software Privileges
  • APIs for integration with third party systems
  • Visual Organizational Chart and Workflow Structure
  • Interface with RFID/Barcode Scanners & Readers/BLE
  • Queue / Task Processing and Approvals Management via Customizable Workflow Routines
  • Asset Transfers
  • Requests and Tasks
  • Comprehensive Reports & Dashboards
  • Asset Tracking Check-in / Checkout
  • Asset Depreciation, Amortization, Rentals
  • Inspections, calibrations and maintenance etc.
  • Asset Trackr™ Mobile App for Inventory, Audit, Search
  • Asset Audit & Inventory with Tablet, Laptop and Mobile Scanner
  • Enrollment of Assets with Required Descriptive and Financial Data Fields

Tracking Technologies

UHF ‘Ultra High Frequency’ RFID

UHF 'Ultra High Frequency' RFID

  • Tag objects, personnel and equipment with UHF RFID tags
  • Utilize RFID mobile scanners to rapidly inventory objects in-storage and/or in-circulation
  • Place RFID antennas and alarms/lights at exit points and/or at restricted areas to prevent unauthorized removals or movements</li>
  • Place RFID antennas at strategic detection points for location-based identification and location updates,based on a detection distance
    of approximately 20’
1D / 2D barcodes and QR codes

1D / 2D barcodes and QR codes

  • Tag objects and personnel with barcode labels for fast, accurate 'identification'
  • Eliminate keyboard/mouse using USB barcode scanner for quick check-in and check-out
  • Scan objects that are being placed into a container for parent-child software management
  • Scan assets and materials with mobile scanner for inventories, placing into storage and removing from storage, including cycle counts
Long-Range RFID and Bluetooth (BLE)

Long-Range RFID and Bluetooth (BLE)

  • Know the location of location status of all assets and personnel real-time
  • Enhance asset and personnel utilization through better data and management capabilities
  • Tag objects, personnel and equipment with long-range tracking tags, indoors and outdoors
  • RFID and BLE sensors have ranges from 100' to 10' miles for real-time, everywhere tracking
  • Prevent personnel and/or assets from entering and/or exiting designated areas (geo-fencing)

Asset Trackr™ Software


  • Support Open Software environments including Linux, MySQL, etc.
  • Available cloud-based, worldwide via AWS (Amazon Web Services).
  • Server / Development stack includes HTML, CSS3, Angular, Java, Tomcat and Android.
  • Supports Microsoft environments including Windows 10 operating system, SQL Server, etc.
  • Trackr™ supports most modern software development languages and tools, ensuring stable, robust software that provides best results while preventing obsolescence.


  • Fully configurable as to style and content.
  • Includes configurable, internal messaging and workflow monitoring system enabling personnel collaboration and dynamic teamwork
  • Includes calendar that depicts all User and/or comprehensive values for tasks, events and workflows, color-coded based on configurable values such as pending or overdue tasks.
  • Graphical dashboards dynamically, real-time configured for each User and for comprehensive values against all templates, objects and people, tasks, workflow, locations, statuses etc.

Location and Situational Awareness Mapping

  • Real-time location, status and situational awareness
  • Asset and people and their locations are depicted within floor plan drawings
  • Icon colors vary based on situational, task, workflow and similar parameters
  • Graphical icons show the locations and status of object and people based on icon colors
Location and Situational Awareness Mapping
Asset Trackr™ - Mobile App

Asset Trackr™ - Mobile App

  • Asset Audit
  • Single Asset Search 
  • Multiple Asset Search
  • Asset Inventory
  • Versatile Mobile App Compatible with RFID , QR Code, Bar Codes.
  • Trackr™ seamlessly integrates with your backend databases and applications, with bi-directional data interchange.

Asset Trackr™ Reporting

  • Extensive library of standard reports available out-of-the-box
  • Built-in reporting development toolkit so customers can design report ad-hoc
  • Required custom reports developed and delivered with software implementation ready-to-go
  • Unlimited reporting capabilities using full capabilities of SQL queries and including complex multi-table joins
Asset Trackr™ Reporting
Asset Trackr - Easy Integrations

Asset Trackr -
Easy Integrations

  • Layered architecture offers advantages in terms of
  • Scalable
  • Flexible
  • Re-usability
  • Easy to Maintain

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