Products & Capabilities

DOMMS - Digital Operations And Maintenance Management System

Android/iOS Mobile App to digitalize maintenance management activities like Checklist Management, Trips/Rounds, PM/BM Task management, alerts & notifications and Calibration & Inspection tasks. The App helps users get notifications and alerts on time. Checklists & Inspection & Calibration tasks can be planned, executed, alerted and attended in a planned manner without missing any task. Escalation mechanism is in place to alert the management in case of any misses.

Key Features:

  • App as Service model
  • QRCode/NFC tags based asset tagging
  • IOT enablement for auto data capture
  • IOT enablement for alerts & notifications based on machine health and process parameter data range violations
  • Picture mode to take picture & attach
  • Offline - network unavailability does not stop operators from taking reading. App works in offline mode also
  • Auto Synchronization with cloud
  • Data validation
  • Data Check points to ensure operators don’t make mistakes
  • Digital SOPs feature for operators to follow standard/defined procedure.
  • Web-based interface for doing analysis
  • Auto reports through emails
  • Summary Dashboards & Reports - downloadable in CSV format
  • Easy to setup; can be up & running in 4 hours
  • Pay per use subscription model
  • Immediate alerts & notifications through SMS and email.
  • Department wise or sections wise alerts & notifications.
  • Auto emails – daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis.
  • Checklist Management
  • Round/Trip management
  • Inspection, Calibration & Testing
  • Task Management
  • AMC Management
  • Documents - Manuals/Circulars/Notifications
  • Automated Planning & scheduling of activities
  • ERP & AD Integration
  • Data security at all levels
  • VPN mode of communication between factory devices & cloud