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Osprey IOT Round App

Android/iOS Mobile App to digitalize data capture in plant for various factory assets can beused by factory personnel to plan their rounds, capture data, take pictures, take notes and observations, use cloud stored data to do analysis to further improve the over-all process efficiency.The App has various features to ensure correctness & completeness of data. IOT enablement makes data capture process also automatic. QRCode tagging of assets ensures that data being captured is for the asset it’s meant for.

Key Features:

  • App as Service model
  • QRCode based asset tagging
  • IOT enablement for auto data capture
  • Picture mode to take picture & attach
  • Offline – network unavailability does not stop operators from taking reading. App works in offline mode also
  • Auto Synchronization with cloud
  • Data validation
  • Data Check points to ensure operators don’t make mistakes
  • Digital SOPs feature for operators to follow standard/defined procedure.
  • Web-based interface for doing analysis
  • Auto reports through emails
  • Dashboards & Reports – downloadable in CSV format
  • Easy to setup; can be up & running in 4 hours
  • Pay per use subscription model