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Electronic Logbook Software - Osprey E-Logbook

Unleash your manufacturing performance!
Collect shop-floor data with IoT devices, schedule & track work-order progress, manage labour workforce, digitize forms. Osprey E-Logbook is cloud-based solution for those clients who want to enter factory data through manual upload process or through user interface. It provides option to enter batch-wise or order-wise data. All KPI dashboards and reports will be available over cloud.

Key Features:

  • Standard Electronic Logbook
  • Downtime Data Entry & Analysis
  • TPM Loss Analysis
  • Standard Batch Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Automated Emails
  • Dashboards & Reports - Shift, Day, Month & Year
  • Reports Download
  • Monthly subscription-based model-chargeable every 6 months
  • Integration for FG data over web-services
  • Internet based Web-Application available over devices like mobile, tablet or desktop.
  • KPIs - OEE, Production, Productivity, Performance, Availability, Quality, Efficiency, Utilization
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